meet the interns…. Emily Wehmeier

1. Favorite Song? Too many to choose from, but I’m going through a Zac Brown Band phase right now so anything from them is awesome!
2. Books or Magazines? Favorite? Books, Harry Potter Series or The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test
3. Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocoholic!
4. Coke or Pepsi? Coke
5. UC or Xavier? UC… I guess…
6. Skyline or Gold Star? This is another tough one since I’ve worked at both places, but I suppose I’ll have to say Skyline
7. Describe your personality in 5 words or less. Laid-back, Committed, Fun, Nice and Determined
8. Describe your style in 2 words or less. My own…
9. Favorite color? Green
10. Favorite wedding trend?   Photobooth Fun!

Even though I’ve watched Julie from the beginning and helped her with a few events such as a barmitzah once, my first real event with Cincy Event Planning was the Knot event a few weeks back.  As you Ohioans know, March is a fickle month for weather so it didn’t really surprise me when it started snowing, but it wasn’t a problem because the other interns, Julie, Lindsey and I transformed the floor into an amazing warm space that allowed a cool flow from the entrance to the buffet, to the Photobooth, to the cake layout, to the bar and dance floor.  I was able to get to know Erin Sefton while we put together about 5,000 nametags… Ok, really like 200, but it was kind of boring.  Erin and I made the most of it and then Therese helped us out with the last minute finishing touches and everything went off smoothly!  After greeting everyone and handing them their nametags, us interns were able to join in the fun and even did the Cupid Shuffle… Oh yeahhh.  It was such a fun night and so exciting to meet tons of new people that we will be working with in the future.  So excited to be a part of the Cincy Event Planning team!