Intern Feature | Makayla Johnson

Hi all! With a new year comes a new batch of interns! This week we are featuring Makayla:


Hello, my name is Makayla Johnson and I’m currently a fourth year student at the University of Cincinnati. I’m working towards my degree in Marketing as well as a certificate in Public Relations. I’m also currently the assistant manager of Jet’s Pizza in Mason, where I’ve worked for the past four years. I’m looking into a career in the events planning industry and look forward to see where this internship takes me!

Five Fun Facts

  1. I’m a huge Lilly Pulitzer fan, I’ve even written numerous college papers on the brand and their history.
  2. I love cats and still have a cat that I got when I was two years old ( she’s currently 20 years old).
  3. I’m a football girl and am a big fan of the Green Bay Packers.
  4. I’m named after a TV show that my parents used to watch together- “Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman”.
  5. My favorite city in the United States that I’ve visited in New Orleans, Louisiana.


Question & Answer

  1. Favorite Color? I Love all colors and don’t have a favorite. I like mixing colors into pretty prints like Lilly Pulitzer
  2. Favorite Wedding Trend? Pastel color schemes or pastel pink with navy
  3. Personality in 5 words. Bubbly, Fun, Caring, Sarcastic and Sweet
  4. Coffee or Tea? Both! I don’t like true coffee but I love Starbucks frapps and also love things like their Peach Green Tea Lemonade, i also LOVE sweet tea.
  5. Favorite Thing about Cincinnati? Coming down the cut in the hill from Kentucky and getting the perfect view of the Cincinnati, especially after being away for vacation


Have a great Tuesday!