vendor feature = loft3 photography

So excited to share this vendor feature with y’all today! The brilliant team at Loft3 photography took a few minutes to answer a some questions and share their favorite photos from recent shoots with us.

Interview + photos below (how cool is the last pic? I mean really…)

1. How did you get started in photography?
Melanie: In high school I had an amazing art teacher, Ben Price. He saw in me more than I saw in myself. He made me promise I’d pursue photo and teach one day. Tweleve years later, from heaven, he’s guided me to teaching art to kindergarteners and owning our own photography business!
Adam: In high school I saw a Richard Avedon exhibit. I was hooked.

2. In five words or less describe your photographic style.
Melanie: Traditional Funk

3. In three words or less describe your personality.
Colorful. Crazy. Open minded.
Adam: Chill. Creative. Unique.

4. What inspires you?
Melanie: Color. My husband. And watching anyone do anything they love.
Adam: White space…music…other artists.

5. Favorite location for e-pics? Weddings? Receptions?
Melanie: Anywhere that has texture, color and natural light.
Adam: I don’t really have a favorite…I like to switch it up.

6. What do you love most about what you do?
Regardless of the shoot, we are sharing in some of the happiest moments in peoples lives! Also, we are our own bosses and we don’t have to split the checks. (except with the government!)
Adam: It doesn’t feel like I’m working.

7. If you could photograph anyone who would It be?
Melanie: This question is ridiculously hard. How about any famous, beautiful girl with unlimited wardrobe and makeup!
Adam: The Rat Pack

8. Three wishes, what would they be?
1. Money doesn’t exist. 2. Turn all the negativity in the world into positivity! 3. Meet both of my grandpas.
Adam: 1. For my Chihuahua lilo to live as long as I do. 2. Cure for cancer 3. To have the power to make anyone do whatever I want. Muauauahaha.

9. Your theme song?
Melanie: ‘Three Little Birds” Bob Marley
Adam: Peter Bjorn & John – nothing to worry about

10. Skyline or Goldstar?
Melanie: Goldstar, duh. We’re tight with the owners. Lol (they are one of our clients)
Adam: Goldstar.

for more eye candy… check out the Loft3 blog.