Outdoor Weddings

alms01In Cincinnati we are lucky to have so many fabulous parks & outdoor settings for weddings & receptions. I’m sure many of you have considered Alms, Ault, the French House, etc. for your location. While these are often gorgeous events when the weather cooperates, they definitely come with their fair share of potential issues. I found this questionnaire on the outdoor wedding guide website & I thought I’d share it with you. It might be helpful for anyone considering outdoors vs indoors.

Is an outdoor wedding for you?

DO plan an outdoor wedding if…
– You have a special attachment to a particular outdoor place.
– You enjoy spontaneity and drama.
– You’re organized and able to plan for a variety of scenarios.
– You want to set your celebration apart from other weddings, perhaps even your own previous weddings if one or both of you have been married previously.
– You want to blend religious traditions in a flexible, non-denominational setting.
– You want to increase the amount of time available to share with loved ones by holding both your ceremony and reception at a single location.
– Your wedding ceremony will be part of a multi-day wedding event.
– You want to create a wedding celebration that is unique, personal, distinctive and memorable.

DON’T choose an outdoor wedding if…
– You hate surprises.
– You will be horribly disappointed if the weather is uncooperative and everything does not go according to your plan.
– You need or want to marry in a month when weather conditions are likely to be less than optimal at the location where you will wed
– You aren’t adept at handling stress and making decisions.
– The outdoor environment you prefer will not be comfortable for your invited guests.