new look for cep

For those of you who don’t use google reader to view our blog – you may have already seen the new logo (hint: look up). For those (like me) who read an insanely ridiculous amount of blogs and use a reader… this might be your first time seeing the new logo…. which is totally fab by the way. Here I am saying “new logo” when in reality – it’s our first actual logo. We love it. Thanks to all of our friends + fellow vendors for input as well. It really fits who we are as a company & I’m already attached to the orange block C. it’s so very “us”.

We have two versions – one for our website and one for print. Sounds logical right? In all honesty though – it’s just because we couldn’t make our minds up on which version we liked best. Visit our updated website to see the logos in action as well.

so without babbling on any longer here they are…