Meet the Interns… Megan Shepard

Megan tells us a little about herself…¬†

1. I love being around people.
2. I’m scared of the ocean.
3. I’m obsessed with bright colors.
4. I’m a country girl at heart.
5. My favorite food is movie theater popcorn.
Get to know Megan…
Favorite Song? “My Kind of Crazy” by Brantley Gilbert
Books or Magazines? I love my Kindle…but I also love Cosmo magazine!! It’s tie!
Chocolate or Vanilla? Definitely chocolate
Coke or Pepsi? Neither. I don’t like pop.
UC or Xavier? UC all the way!!!
Skyline or Gold Star? I’m from Cincinnati so Skyline obviously!
Describe your personality in 5 words or less. Outgoing, fun, nice, loving life.
Describe your style in 2 words or less. Cute, comfy.
Favorite color? Hot pink!!
Favorite wedding trend? Bouquets with jewels in them–so pretty and classy!