julie + eric = married 5.22.09

Julie + Eric were married on a gorgeous Friday May 22nd @ Alms Park. Since Julie + Eric live in St. Louis, I didn’t actually meet Julie in person until the week of the wedding and Eric until the rehearsal. Julie + Eric had an intimate family centered wedding. Julie had 3 children before she and Eric met. Her two sons walked her down the aisle and her daughter was one of two bridemaids. Julie + Eric also have one little guy together – he’s the handsome ring bearer. Oh & Julie also has grandchildren – yep this insanely stunning woman is a grandma. The two little flower girls you’ll see in the photos are her granddaughters. Their story is touching and the whole day was a celebration of life and love. I am truly blessed that Julie + Eric selected us to orchestrate such a wonderful event.

The rest I’ll let Julie + Eric tell you in their own words…

Tell us how you met…

Eric – It was a Thursday evening and I was back in town from North Carolina for the holidays and planning to go out with a couple of friends for the night. It was pretty late when I noticed Julie for the first time. As I drew closer to her, our eyes locked and it was all over from there. In was smitten with her, and I think she with me.

Julie – I was out one night in Cincinnati with my sister Angie. We decided to go to a little dance place that we always liked to frequent on our “girls fun night out”. Little did I know that night that my life would change. We literally bumped into Eric and his friends. We started chatting as a group. As Eric and I moved closer together and started our own conversation – our eyes met. I cannot explain it even to this day but I have never felt anything like it before and as Eric said- it was magic. That night changed both of our lives.

When did you know you wanted to marry each other?

Eric – There were a lot of times I knew I wanted to get married to Julie, but the final time was when I had my stroke. She didn’t leave my side a single time. For the next eight months she cared for me and protected me. I knew at that very moment that it was finally time to ask her to be my wife. And as luck would have it, she accepted.

Julie – I knew right away early in the relationship that Eric would be a great husband. But, I just wanted to enjoy our time together and knew all too well that marriage was more than just a wedding or a change of last name. I always felt that when the time came for us to get married – it would happen. The time did come but not when I would ever expect it to. When Eric had his stroke, I knew it was time. I loved him dearly for years and I knew that nothing else mattered and I wanted to be his wife more than anything – and I wanted the opportunity to experience the event of marriage with him.

Now that it’s all over… how does it feel to finally be married?

Eric – Being married to Julie has been great. Although we have lived together for nearly five years, everything is a little different now that we’re married. I think that both of our souls are finally at ease, which allows us to spend more quality time together.

Julie – I feel so blessed and fortunate to have been given the chance to experience marriage with Eric. God has given us so much to be thankful for. It truly is magical!

And now some serious eye candy…

Julie getting her Brideface on…

Love the shot on the left – it’s my favorite portrait of Julie.

there was quite a bit of laughter and goofing around all day.
The men looking very GQ.

Eric + his son Jameson.

Granddaughters of the bride, Madison + Justine.

These boys = trouble. But seriously how cute are they? We kept them engaged in the photos with laffy taffy from the candy bar. Who says bribery doesn’t work?

the details… sign from The Wooden Owl ~ Cake by Tres Belle

Modern florals by the amazing Courtenay Lambert

Carved wood guest book by Lacuna on Etsy

Fabulous candy buffet with Eric’s favorite (and mine!) ~ Busken cookies!
Custom Thank you tags from Favorable Fashioned , Cake Topper Myers Metal Arts,

Seating chart + programs A Punkin Card Company

first dance
since Julie’s father wasn’t able to attend, she danced with each of her son’s during the traditional father + daughter dance.
Bouquet toss from the balcony. Julie forgot her garter, so we improvised. = )
Julie + Eric – Thank you for welcoming us into your celebration and making us feel like family. We are truly blessed to know both of you.