Intern Feature | Sydney Clancy

Hi all, today we are featuring one of our awesome interns Sydney! Here is a little bit about Sydney:

sydney_clancy (18 of 28)


I am a junior at Ohio University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Social Media Marketing. I have been an intern for Cincy Event Planning for the last two years and have enjoyed every minute of it. I was born and raised in Cincinnati, although I think I belong on a beach somewhere. I love being able to express my creative side any chance I get.


Five Fun Facts

  1. I have a really embarrassing lack of athletic skill. I love to work out, but organized sports are not my forte.
  2. I’m kind of afraid of mascots and haunted houses. When I can’t tell who someone is, it makes me uncomfortable.
  3. I’ve been performing since I was young (dance, cheerleading, theater, choir) but I still have a really bad sense of stage fright/ public speaking.
  4. I’m obsessed with anything Harry Potter. I refuse to accept the fact that there will not be another movie or book.
  5. I’m so obsessed with social media, I made it part of my major.


Question & Answer

  1. Favorite color? Purple
  2. Favorite song? Neon by John Mayer
  3. Describe your personality in 5 words or less. Awkwardly outgoing
  4. Favorite wedding trend? I really love a good late night snack at a wedding. After a night of drinking and dancing, wedding guests are always excited when they see more food come out!
  5. Favorite thing about Cincinnati? I like that I live so close to downtown, I can go get the experience of being in a city then drive back to a small town.


Have a great day!