Intern Feature | Alexis Neri

Hi all, today we are featuring another of our amazing interns! This week is Alexis Neri. Here is more about Alexis:




Alexis Neri is a recant UC graduate. She received a BA in communications and a minor in psychology. She alway had a love for helping people and bringing much joy into their lives. She developed a love for event planning, after throwing her mom a surprise party.  Her dream would be to own her own event planning company in Hawaii.


Five Fun Facts

  1. I want to get a sugar glider for a pet
  2. I have been engaged for almost a year
  3. My fiancé is five years younger than me
  4. My dream is to travel the world
  5. One day I will have a house on the beach


Question & Answer

  1. Favorite song? I don’t have a favorite song because there are so many I love.
  2. Favorite wedding trend? Outdoor weddings, spring / summer. Light / dark colors together. Laid back but elegant.
  3. Describe your personality in 5 words or less. Serious, funny, generous, laid back
  4. Describe your style in 2 words or less. Conservative but unique
  5. Favorite thing about Cincinnati? Being close to my family and friends.


Have a great day!