cep spotlight

CEP spotlight is a new feature where we’ll feature vendors that are new or on our favorites list. This week is a bakery in Anderson Twp. – Inspiring Kind – a refreshing approach to baking owned by Mary Richmond & Teresa Olivas.

How did you come up with the name Inspiring Kind?
First, part of our mission is to inspire through what we do, and partly because we offer inspirational quotes within our product line. We also feel this name best exemplifies our
product line overall and fits us well! Secondly, we have always been asked… What kind of cookies do you make? What kind of cupcakes? What kind of sweets? We literally used “inspiring kind” as a way to describe our products, and it became a way to open up dialogue about what we do. Lastly, we’d like to think inspiringkind is the flipside of “inquiring minds” so, actually, it was a no brainer for us.

Overall business philosophy?
CREATE, CULTIVATE, CELEBRATE! This encapsulates everything we want to express and achieve every day.

One thing you want everyone to know about Inspiring Kind?
(Teresa) I would want to make it known that we are more than just a bakery. We have comfortable surroundings here and when you add comfort food, you can’t help but feel at home! We host birthday parties, bridal, baby showers, and special events here, offering savvy sweets and savory conversational platters.

(Mary) That we bake for goodness sake! Our “secret” ingredient isn’t a secret at all…the love and passion we have for our work is the main ingredient that goes into each and every recipe.

What is your favorite item on your menu?
(Mary) Wedding wise, hands down it would have to be our “Groovy” chocolate cake with vanilla butter cream. Classic, but sophisticated enough for a wedding.
(Teresa) It’s a tough call, probably our Organic Banana Cake or our newest menu member Oat and Berry Bar. It is low in sugar, full of nuts, 3 berries, and wholesome goodness. It will sustain me through a busy day. Trust me, this is the ultimate granola bar! We’ll even make them heart shaped for weddings.

Cupcakes start at 2.
Ala’carte cookies start at .50 and up to $5.
for custom and monogrammed options.
Wrapped favors start at 1.50 ea.
Hand tossed Truffles 1.25 /1.50each
Edible image cookies start at 2.50 with a minimum of 2 dozen.
Gift Box options $18-$64 Dessert Platters $24 and up
Celebration Cakes start at 32. Art Cakes begin at 90.
Wedding cakes start at 2.50 per person.

What shapes & flavors do you offer?
We have over 350 shapes of cookies that we offer and we custom create cutters as needed. Our cookie flavors range from our most popular Signature, all butter shortbread, to other products such as Blondies, Brownies, Lemon Bars, and the ever so popular Pecan Pleasure.

Store hours:
Mon thru Thurs. 9am-6pm
Fri. 10am-8pm
Sat. 10-4pm
7757 Five Mile Rd.
Five Mile Center
Anderson, Ohio. 45230

Anything else you’d like to tell us?
If you’re planning a wedding, give us a call to reserve a tasting appointment with our Wedding Specialist, Erin, or stop in… you won’t be disappointed!