cep spotlight: neysa ruhl photography

I love our vendor spotlight posts! Not only do I get to put on my “journalist” hat (my original college major) & share the inside scoop on some of Cincinnati’s most talented vendors, I also get to know the wonderful people I work with a little better. Neysa’s work is remarkable & beautiful. I asked her a series of questions and then asked her to provide a few of her favorite photos (included below). Other than her answer to question #10 (j/k) – she’s a pretty cool chick! Enjoy & Happy Friday!

[1] How did you get started in photography? I got my first camera, a Nikon FG-20, when I was 8 yrs old and my dad and I photographed life as it whirled around us. He taught me that through photographs you have the innate ability to stop time – to make one small moment in time last an eternity. This was a huge inspiration to me. At my young age, I thought of all the things … the real, everyday ‘moments’ that I wanted to last forever and I began photographing them. Sometimes this was just our family dog … and sometimes it was my mom in the kitchen or my dad mowing the lawn with our parrot on his shoulder. It was my life through a lens.
[2] In five words or less, describe your photography style I can only assume that you have limited me to 5 words … based on my answer to the last question J Let’s see … 5 words (and, yes, I’ll use all 5): capturing life as it unfolds
[3] In three words or less describe your personality Fun, passionate, and personal

[4] What inspires you? Everything inspires me. There is so much beauty in the world … all you have to do is look.
[5] Where is your favorite location to shoot for e-pics? Weddings? Receptions? I really love weddings that have a personal aspect to them – so ‘at home’ weddings are always a big ‘fav’ of mine. Unfortunately I don’t get to do them all that often. If I had to pick a favorite location (other than a home), I would say the French House (because it is a HOUSE). For engagement photos … my favorite place would be anywhere that I haven’t photographed yet. I love new places.
[6] What do you love most about what you do? I love the people. I meet some of the most amazing people in my job. As far as the wedding couples, I love that they trust me with such an important day in their lives.
[7] If you could photograph anyone who would it be? Wow … if I could photograph anyone? I think the Beatles would be fun to photograph.

[8] If you had three wishes what would they be? Wish #1: I want to see me father one more time. He passed away awhile ago … and I miss him. Wish #2: To live a long and happy life. Wish #3: Hmmm. Something selfish – maybe a 3 month (all expenses paid) trip to Europe.

[9] If you had to pick a theme song, what would it be? Theme song … New Shoes by Paolo Nutini (you can’t help but enjoy the beat and you can’t keep yourself from dancing) – and, did I mention that I have a shoe fetish?
[10] Skyline Chili or Gold Star Chili? Can I say neither? I am not from Cincinnati so I am not ‘married’ to either. Give me a salad any day of the week!

Some of Neysa’s favorite photos…. and I’ll share the titles she used when sending them to me as well!




portrait (recognize this bride?)


and just for fun a photo of Neysa….