Introducing Paige…our newest intern!

We’re so excited to finally introduce our newest intern, Paige. She actually introduced herself to us at Michelle + Jeff’s wedding in October of last year and asked about a possible internship (gotta love a girl with drive!). We let her know to watch the blog and we would be hiring an intern for the following summer. And wouldn’t you know it – she was the first to respond with her top ten list (see below) + she sparked our interest. After her interview, we knew she would be a fabulous fit! To get to know Paige a little better, we’ll let her share a little more about herself as well as how her first wedding with CEP went.

Originally from North Carolina, I call Kentucky my home. A graduate of Dixie Heights High School, I continued at Northern Kentucky University. Come December, I will graduate with a Public Relations degree. With that, its time to start thinking what I want to do in my near future. When my sister got married this past October, it made me realize how much I enjoy every aspect of weddings. I’ve always been told when you grow up, do something you love. Doing what I love brought me to Cincy Event Planning.

Being a part of the event planning industry, it allows me to do what I enjoy doing everyday; share and organize important daily and or once in a lifetime events. Weddings, in particular, grab my attention. Every couple has a different idea of what their perfect day entails. With all the different variations, it’s a new job everyday!

This past month I was fortunate to join Jenni and Michael Stadtmiller on their wedding day. With the help of the couple and their friends and family happiness, it allowed my first experience as a wedding planning assistant seem easy. Knowing that not all events can go as smoothly and fun as this past event did, I still look forward to the challenges and special events of the next clients.

Ten things you didn’t know about Paige (but now you do!):

1.Come fall of 2010 I will be graduating from NKU with a Public Relations degree, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel!

2.I’m one of seven (5 girls, 2 boys) making me work best under chaos-and my mother is a single parent so you can only imagine.

3. My biggest fear: Fish. Yes I know.. But 100% true. As I get older, the fear gets worse.

4.I love to ski! Every year my family travels out west for a ski adventure, something that I’m always looking forward to!

5. I’ve been dating my boyfriend since my sophomore year of high school – 6 years now!

6.Every night before I go to bed, I watch two episodes of Friends, and once I’m finish with all 10 seasons, I’ll start all over again, that’s when my friends call me a loser.

7.I’m OBSESSED with monograms. I have mine painted above my bed! And own way too many bags with the pNg on it…

8.I use to be a PC, but last year that changed. I’m now a Mac, even though I have NO IDEA how to work it.. I just now learned how to right click on it, impressive I know.

9.Although I love to ski, I would go to the beach any minute, any day! Although I wont go in the ocean, because of the fish, I’m perfectly content laying by the pool under the sun with a margarita in hand!

10.I love love love shoes! But being a size 5 I can’t find any! Kids shoes are my best options, I guess that saves me money.