Intern Feature | Johna Digonno

Hi all, today we are featuring another one of our awesome interns Johna! Here is a little bit about Johna:



HHEEELLLOOOO WORLD! My name is Johna Digonno soon to be Sanchez! That’s right, I’m not only a CEP intern, but I was also lucky enough to be one of their brides! So that’s always pretty exciting! But here is the tall and short of me…I was born in raised in Cincinnati, and I went to Ross High School, I know you all were wondering, its the Cincinnati thing to do. I went to Xavier University and I’m a proud Musketeer! Please don’t bring up March to me, I’m still in the grieving process. So fun facts about me, I love spending time with my family and friends. I love the beach it’s one of my favorite vacation spots! I don’t mind long car rides mostly because I fall asleep in the first 20 minutes. I love to read, like all the time. I also love to Pin, it’s my most used social media. I like to think I’m crafty but honestly my skill is in organization and I’m okay with that! I love watching all types of movies, mostly rom coms, I know shocking. My favorite is a tie between Shakespeare in Love or My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I absolutely love trashy tv…I live for Bravo! Anything realhouswives all the time, my soon to be hubby tells me I watch way too much. Which is probably true. I come from a big Italian Family, so I love getting to know the families and getting to have the pleasure of being a part of such a big day! I love weddings and getting to help execute bride’s vision. I just really love weddings and learning the story of the bride and groom. Also, I love making people happy and the chance to make a perfect day for couples.


Five Fun Facts

  1. I don’t really understand Starbucks, like I don’t get the hype, I only drink it because of peer pressure.
  2. I have serious food stage fright. Like when people say to bring stuff in I always get really nervous about what I cook.
  3. I was a history minor because my parents told me it couldn’t be my major (they are actually really supportive though haha).
  4. My dream job as a child was to be on the people that spoke on History Documentaries.
  5. I have a mild obsession with the Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Once Upon a Time (not necessarily in that order)


Question & Answer

  1. Coffee or Tea? Umm coffee all day everyday or a latte…never tea…unless it’s sweet tea from McAllister’s with extra lemon!
  2. Favorite song? Send Me on my Way by the Rusted Roots
  3. Favorite wedding trend? I love when brides add something personal from a loved that couldn’t be with them on their special day, like piece of grandpa’s shirt on the dress! It’s so cute I used it in my wedding 🙂
  4. Describe your personality in 5 words or less. Fun (my friends call me J.Funn, you can too), Workaholic, Hilarious, awkward ..that should be good
  5. Favorite thing about Cincinnati. The parks all around the city! When the weather is being a bi-polar psycho, it is the most beautiful place on earth to be 🙂 and the food! I live for Bakersfield and The Eagle.


Have a great day!