MOre about stephanie

Enjoy your path through life! Owning a wedding and event planning company was not what I had set out on my path to attain but I’ve now realized it is my passion. Growing up I had an affinity towards science, math, and reading. After taking an AP biology class in high school, I had dreams of being a veterinarian or work in the medical field. I went to undergraduate school at The Ohio State University (go Bucks!) and received my Bachelors of Science in Biology. Not quite knowing what I wanted to do following graduation, I decided to just continue school! I went to graduate school at the University of Cincinnati and was originally in the PhD program for Immunobiology. My initial plan was to get my degree and apply for a post-doctorate fellowship in an English speaking EU city like London. However, one year into it, I realized a PhD was not for me. While I love school and love learning, I was not passionate enough for Immunobiology to get a PhD in it. Instead, I graduated with my Masters and got a job working in a lab.

Throughout graduate school and getting my first real job I had met and moved in with my then boyfriend now husband Chris. It was during this time that my path led me to event planning. Where I once was always busy with either attending class, working, or studying, I now had a ton of free time during my evenings and weekends. I spent a lot of this newly found free time decorating our new apartment. Often times I ended up creating my own decorations which inspired me to start a DIY craft, home décor, and food blog and later an Etsy shop. Eventually I stumbled upon the internship search for CEP and became an intern in 2014. I quickly discovered that I LOVE planning weddings and events. By the end of 2015 I took over ownership of the company.

While I did not enter the wedding and event planning industry the conventional way, I am very grateful for my path. I believe that my science background gives me a unique set of skills that I can apply to weddings and events as both require organization, leadership, and creativity. As a huge proponent of education, I became a Certified Wedding Planner through The Bridal Society to further my planning knowledge and expertise.

I truly feel that this was what I was meant to do and I love getting the opportunity to help bring my clients’ dream event to life. My absolute favorite part of this job is the look of pure joy and happiness on my clients’ faces when they see the whole event come together!